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This morning, the tree across the street wears buds.

Tiny, dark and red, they tip each twig with promise

of, in two weeks time, a burst of Frost’s first green….


30 Poems Prompts at Book of Kells

If you’ve looking for inspiration for your 30 days of writing, head on over to Book of Kells, where Keili has posted 30 prompts to help get you through the month. Here’s a sample:

16. Make a list of ten images of things you have seen in the last 24 hours. Use all of them in a poem.

And if those aren’t enough, here are some other places you can find poetry prompts to keep you writing…

NaPoWriMo Begins — and I’m In.

I got my first poem up for National Poetry Writing Month up just in the nick of time. I’m reviving my old GWP blog just for this. Maybe it will help me get it off the ground again. Not to mention writing poetry again. It’s been too long!…